What are Knitted Knockers? 

Knitted prosthetic breasts for mastectomy patients. Sounds silly, doesn't it? Yet, when placed in a bra, these knitted breasts take the shape and feel of a real breast. They are lighter and more comfortable than silicone prosthetic breasts. The knitted fabric breathes and prevents the heat rash experienced by many women wearing the silicone ones. 

Did you know that just one silicone prosthetic breast costs between $300 and $500?! Without health insurance, they are out of the reach of most breast cancer survivors. Even those with insurance are limited to a new prosthetic breast every two years. If it springs a leak that is not covered by the warranty, you are out of luck. 

With a knitted breast, you can have a different one for every day of the week. Perhaps add a little embroidery for that tattoo you always wanted!


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