The Pioneers are underway!

Rolling, rolling, rolling! Hi ho! 

Sorry, someone at KAN (or was it KISS?) started singing this song for our Pioneer KAL. Now it's stuck in my head and there's nothing I can do about it.

I am done!

Sort of.

Done with the knitting at least. Check it out.  I LOVE this sweater - fits me perfectly and the deep V in the front looks fabulous.



All I need to do now is weave in the ends, block it, and get someone at KAN (Bridget? Luanne?) to teach me the crochet stitch for the edging around the neckline.

I am getting better at my crocheting.  My approach to learning crochet has shifted. I realized I just wasn't that into playing around with various stitches or making a long scarf to teach myself.  Not sure why I even thought that would work for me.  I never teach someone to knit by having them swatch. My philosophy is that it is much more satisfying to work on a new technique on an actual project. Something tangible. Something that gives you the incentive to learn. Like a fabulous Pioneer top!

I did my first crochet picot edging on the now finished Brittany Jumper. Isn't it adorable?  3 skeins of Ty Dy Cotton for the size 2. I only used a little bit of the third skein, so you could definitely get a size 3 out of 3 skeins.


Back to Pioneer. 

Donna finished her lovely yellow version. I've been promised a photo op when her daughter (the lucky recipient) returns from college next week.

Barbara and I are at the same point. I insisted on photos even though it is technically unfinished.  Just look at how amazing it is on her!!! 


Susan is giving me a heart attack with her Pioneer.  She is using the most gorgeous hand dyed ribbon yarn from Tess's Designer Yarn in Portland.


Can you see how the ribbon makes the cables pop? The color just shimmers and Susan's stitches are perfect! So what's the problem? She's torn it out about a zillion times as different design adjustments were made. Honestly, I DO understand. It needs to be right.  But, I see it one day in the shop, all lovely, and the next, I hear that she's ripped it again.  I never knew that knitting could be such a heart wrenching ordeal for the bystander.

Peggy is using Spunky Summer in Azalea for her Pioneer and is making great progress:


Cheryl is knitting alongside us with Buttercup out of Hempathy.

Diane is also knitting alongside, but with the Drop-Stitch Tank from Fitted Knits.  She is on the back, and is using Spunky Summer in Cinnamon.


Oh! And since I finished the Brittany Jumper, I got to add in a new project.  On the way out of the shop yesterday, I grabbed a ball of Ty Dy Sock in Meadow. I have been petting and craving this yarn since it arrived. It is unreal in the soft, squishy department.  O. M. G. To knit??? Heaven.  I'm a fast knitter, but look-


That's how much I have knit on the first sock since 6pm yesterday. Unreal.  


Do you SEE the softness?

I ALSO (check me out with all the productivity) plied and set a skein of merino/tencel that I spun over the past few weeks. The colorway is Bruised Ego from Spunky Eclectic. This was a stash buster. Mom and Dad gave it to me for xmas two years ago.  


The tencel was so much fun to spin.  Unfortunately, this project made me realize that my stash busting has gone too far. The stash is frighteningly small. Thank goodness Fiber Frolic is a month away!

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