Tappan Zee Update

Ok - here we go one more time. So far tonight, my blogging program has crapped out on me twice. Normally I would just give up and go knit, but I REALLY want to share the beautiful Tappan Zees that are popping up.

First up, let's look at the original.


Yup, that's right. We have the original Tappan Zee on display.  Many, many thanks to Amy of Spunky Eclectic for the generous loan of her design. Knitters have enjoyed having the chance to see it up close as they consider their own version.

Laurie was the first KALer to finish. She used a gorgeous colorway in Noro Silk Garden.


Donna M. made hers out of Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool in a stunning pink. (I think Penny is using the same color - excellent choice!)


Cheryl used Elsebeth Lavold's Hempathy - and it is adorable!


Luanne's is done in Silky Wool as well and the color is perfect for her!


I am *almost* done. I literally just need to bind off. Well, then there are those pesky details like weaving in ends, blocking, buttons and what have you, but they don't really count. My Tappan Zee is knit out of Cascade's Ultra Pima. I LOVE THIS STUFF. It is crazy soft and silky, with incredible drape. I don't think that I could be more pleased with the way it knits up. Yum, yum. 


Adrienne is at the yoke with her Silky Wool. 


Jen is following Amy's lead and using her own handspun. I think we are all a little bit in awe. 


Donna K. is using Ultra Pima in Jade. 


Other knits are, of course, under way. Monique brought in the most adorable sweaters knit for her grandchildren.


I wish you could see them in person. The detail is perfect. The little piggy tails are even all curly!


Michele is making a spiral baby blanket out of Sierra. I love this pattern. We have one up as a sample - in baby blanket size - and I keep thinking I want to make an afghan version for home.


Susan just joined in with the Tappan Zee KAL. She's using Silky Wool.  But, before she decided to take the KAL plunge, she has been working on a featherweight cardigan out of Cascade's Ultra Pima. Lovely.


Before I hit publish on this entry, I need to share a picture of the beautiful flowers a number of the knitters sent to the shop for my birthday.


Thank you all! Most of them are still going strong!

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