Well over a week late.  Yes, I know. I'm sorry. Especially to Lisa, who has been stuck in bed and waiting for news of SPA.

It was fantastic! I arrived just after the TKE gang had departed for lunch, so although I missed "the tomato incident," I did get an hour to wander around the booths by myself.

It was lovely - if not a little overwhelming - to spend some much personal time with the fiber. I blew my SPA budget in about 45 minutes. 

Looky what I got:

From The Woolen Rabbit - this is an alpaca/merino/silk blend that has since been spun, washed, and set. I don't really think the colors are good for me (they would look gorgeous on Becka) but I love them.  The skein reminds me of a golden tapestry.



4 bumps of Surino  (a special suri alpaca/merino blend) from Flaggy Meadow Fiber Works


2 bumps in the grey plum, and 2 in the burnt red.  I bought 2 pink bumps of their fiber at The Fiber Frolic last year and almost died spinning them. Like buttah! OMG. So soft. Here's how the summer stash turned out:


Obviously, I needed more.

The Dye Dreams booth had the most vivid colors,  and I couldn't pass up some sock yarn.


And then I fought my way through the crowd at the Spunky Eclectic corner to snag these lovelies:IMG_6818IMG_6819

That would be handpainted alpaca in Lichen on the left, and a merino/cashmere blend in Thunderstorm on the right. 

Amy knows that I have a bit of a weakness for handpainted alpaca, and it was hard to walk away with just one color, but this one was just so perfect. And I know where to get more. 

After spinning up the golden skein, I wound up the latest batch for my handspun afghan.


I'm not a great spinner by any means.  In fact, I have no idea what the parts to the wheel are called beyond the bobbin and the WHEEL. But, I don't care. I just like doing it. Yet, despite my fairly novice state, it is still incredibly hard to recreate my very first yarns. The whole idea behind the afghan is to use the thick and thin texture of my uneven first yarns. Well... now I've gone and gotten even! I had to force myself to let chunks of fiber through to get the think patches you see above. 

Anyway, the afghan is now big enough to cover a lap or two.



About 4 more skeins should do it.  2 in the blue plied with Burning Bush, and 2 pure Burning Bush.  All dyed by Spunky

I almost had a nervous breakdown prior to SPA just trying to decide what project to bring.  You see, my current knit was this:


Lace.  Lace is no good for knitting when you are talking and shopping.  Needed some mindless knitting. Decided on a sweater for Connor.  It is his turn in the family queue. Found the perfect sweater in an Ella Rae book of kids designs. Picked Cascade Sierra since it washes like a dream and he is a 9 year old boy.

Got the back almost done!


So. Why haven't I posted the SPA stuff till now?  Well, the spring yarns are arriving!! And the Namaste bags, of course.

Here's mine.


My favorite part is how it opens so I can see everything and easily pull out my knitting.


Only three bags remain from our first shipment. BUT I am putting in another order very soon. If you'd like to special order one, let me know ASAP.

Ok. Back to the yarns.  Remember how I said that the Cascade Alpaca Lace was coming?  It's here!




We also have new colors in Cascade Venezia:



Mucho colors in Hempathy. Check them out here.

And new cotton colors from Blue Sky Alpacas!  Plus the pattern for Knit Chickens!! KNIT CHICKENS!!!


How seriously awesome are those?????  Even Peter - who often scoffs at the whimsical knits - suggested that I make one because, hey, it's a KNIT CHICKEN. 

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