Can't. Stop. Knitting. 

The Citrus Yoke Pullover has me completely entranced. I am fascinated by its growth and development. You see, it is basically just a pretty tube.

Yet, cleverly hidden between the lovely lace panels are evenly spaced increases. So the tube grows, both in length and width. Presumably, this is all to create room for the shoulders and sleeves, but I still feel like I am looking at a tube. I am completely disoriented and not sure from where the sleeves might sprout. But, I have faith.  And I am enjoying the process immensely. A few more rounds and I will know if the magic of knitting worked once again. (Come on, don't you just love the way you can be knitting forever on the oddest looking thing, then all of a sudden, you have a sweater!)

While I continue my rounds on the tube, let's see what others have been knitting.

Wendy sacrificed some of her precious time in Maine (she recently moved to TN and we miss her dearly) to spend with us on the Big Red Couch.  We worked on her Rogue together.
And she had some spectacular socks to show off.  I believe these were from the sock class she took with Terri.
Connie stopped by wearing her Jo Sharp shawl cardigan.

Gorgeous isn't it? I've been dying to make it myself.  The yarn is Alpaca Kid Lustre.

Anna also made a Jo Sharp cardi using the same yarn.  I love the way it holds it shape and shows the stitches. I particularly like the 3/4 sleeves on this design.

Mindy finished her hat and scarf set out of Malabrigo and I hear that she just completed her very first sock.  Yay Mindy!!!
Marcia showed me a neat winter twist on my Fun Drop Stitch Scarf pattern. I originally designed the scarf as a summer accessory.  She picked out a mohair ribbon, added a few stitches, and here is the result
The fabric is incredibly light and airy.  One skein of Impression makes a scarf. 

Teresa finished her Baby Pea Pod set out of Cascade's Pima Tencel.

Don't you love the addition of the dragonflies? Lucky baby.

Alva astounded us with the most beautiful blanket that she created through a technique called Swedish weave.

I leave you with a picture of utter adorableness.  Elizabeth brought her new puppy by to say hello.  Isn't that belly just too much!?! (I asked.  Peter said I can't have one. But, I can have a spinning wheel, so life isn't that bad.)


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