Knitting Knockers

Knitters are awesome.  I ask for boobies, and I get boobies.


Thanks to a little involuntary bed rest, I've even had time to whip up a few more myself.  A light green one is one the needles now.


The Living With Cancer Conference is next Wed. Remember, any knockers you bring me before then will not only be greatly appreciated, but count towards our contest. The person making the most knockers during this booby drive wins a gift certificate and a bottle of Soak Wash!!

Thanks to everyone for your concern and good wishes over my recent downtime. I'm doing better each day, and while painful, it is nothing terribly serious. Seems I have some rogue scar tissue from a previous surgery that is intent on causing trouble. 

Today was my first regular day back in the shop and I was greeted by 2 new colors in Noro Taiyo!! I love this yarn! It is Noro's heavy worsted cotton/silk blend. 



Aren't they pretty? I have a sweater in Taiyo that just needs sleeves. 

Actually, I have a lot of projects that just need _____ . Hmmm... time for a finishing spree. Best thing about a finishing spree? They always precede a starting spree!

Amanda just finished another scarf out of the Ocean Breezes book.  I've been eyeing this pattern as well. She used Summer from Spunky Eclectic. Isn't it gorgeous?


Rumor has it that Lesley may be bringing me 3 more colors of Summer, along with the Color of the Month!!! I think those Summer colors are variegated. I asked Amy to create colorways that would go with the existing solids. I can't wait to see them!

Happy May!

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