A first

As a general rule, I don’t sell the items I knit.  For a variety of reasons really - I need them for store samples, I am a very fast knitter, but not that fast!, and because I become attached to them.  I need to know that they are going to a good home.
Thus, the exception to every rule.
Rachel has been eyeing the wrap she is modeling above since I opened the store.  It is from Jo Sharp’s first Contemporary Knit collection. She has been hinting since last fall that perhaps she could relieve me of the pressure of finding a place to hang it in the store. I resisted.
She asked again before Christmas. I realized that the wrap was destined for Rachel.  First, she looks gorgeous in it - doesn’t she? But, more importantly, she’ll give it a very good home.  Thanks Rachel!


Speaking of happy fiber homes... Christina came to Knit at Night sporting the felted bag my mom made. (Mom didn’t have any objections to letting her knitting fly free in the world. Perhaps another lesson I need to learn.)
Anna was back after a wonderful visit with her family and friends.  We were so glad to have her knitting with us again!
Jeri was also returning from some travels and had a Malabrigo scarf to show for the plane trip:
Oh, and just so you know, Rachel does knit, but her focus has been on making something for her little boy, rather than for herself.  Check out the fleece blanket that has grown tremendously over the holidays:

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