Family time

Becka and I got to spend the weekend with our mom, visiting family.  In the process, we learned more about ourselves.

First, let me introduce our great-great uncle, Daniel Chesley:

People often ask me how my parents came up with my name. Well, you are looking at him. (He's rather handsome, don't you think?) My older brother, Dan, was given his first name, and I got his last. 

Uncle Dan, as he is known in the family, played an important role in raising my grandfather. While my grandparents were a bit shy about letting me take their pictures (for some reason, they suspected me of blogging intentions), I was able to capture photos of them from over 40 years ago. 
IMG_2148 IMG_2146
My grandmother did let me take a picture of her surrounded by her most recent work, sweater after beautiful sweater. (Sorry, but that picture is for me, not the blog.)

Becka and I stayed up most of the night going over each sweater, over each perfect stitch, every flowing line, and realized that our knitting heritage extends beyond us, beyond our mother who taught us, to our grandmother whose stitches left us humbled by their beauty. 

One day, my work may be as good.  In the meantime, I knit with thoughts of the generations before me and of those yet to come, whose fingers have, and will, make the same movements creating beauty, warmth, comfort, and love. 

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