Face off


A practically deserted town in the Old West.  Sun in the sky is approaching high noon.  A lone tumbleweed blows down the street. Nervous townsfolk scurry inside. A few curious folks can be seen peering out of the saloon. Not a sound can be heard except for the cheesy music. 

Then it starts.

(Noise from off scene) A click. Click. Click. 

Camera pans to Luanne, then to Sally, as they march into town from opposite ends of the street. Each holds knitting needles, a ball of yarn, and a partially finished sock. 

Bells from the church at the end of the street start to ring. 12.  

Luanne and Sally stop in their tracks. Dust flares around their feet, then slowly settles. Cheesy music stops. All is silence as they stare at each other. 

Flashback begins. 


Two days earlier at One City Market. 

Terri approaches the shop the nervously.  Lisa has been ill for days - perhaps with the BOTS virus - the doctors are unsure, and Terri is covering for her. 

A package awaits on the doorstep.  

Although Terri is already dead, she picks it up nervously, and looks around.  Seeing no one, she hurries inside. 

Camera focuses in on her hands. They shake as she opens the package. 

Terri: *gasp* 'Oh, no. No, no, no! Not Lisa! Not Lisa!"

Tears stream down her face as she pulls out the socks. 

Camera pans from Terri's grief stricken face to the package. Terri's sobs can be heard as the socks are revealed.



Terri's hand shakes as she picks up the phone and dials Lisa's number. 

Terri: (voice cracking with tears) "You're dead. Luanne has struck again."

As Terri hangs up the phone, the door to the shop opens. Terri glances up nervously. 

In walks Sally. 

Sally stops abruptly as she sees Terri.  

Sally: "What? What's happened?"

Terri: "Lisa is dead. It is between you and Luanne now."

Sally takes a deep breath, and nods solemnly. 


Same day, but now camera takes us to Maine and TKE. Knit at Night is in full swing.  

In enters Luanne. 

A cheer goes up from the crowd. 

Luanne smiles shyly. Her kind face not revealing the deadly assassin within. The only clue is a a steely glint in her eye. 

Knitter 1: "Go Luanne, Go!"

Knitter 2: "Do you," pauses, nervously," do you think you'll win?"

Luanne doesn't answer their questions. She is focused. There is work to be done.

Flashback ends. 

Scene returns to face off. 

Luanne and Sally are now 10 paces apart. 

Sally smiles. Luanne nods. 

All that can be heard is the click, click of their needles. 

Camera pans between them, then their hands knitting away.

Camera turns to the townsfolk. Fear can be seen in their eyes. One woman swoons from the tension. People huddle around her. 

Camera slowly shifts back to the scene on the street.  Starting from the church steeple, it slowly zooms in on Luanne and Sally. 

Another tumbleweed rolls by. A bird screeches overhead. 

Suddenly their is a loud snip. A flash of steel. 

Camera focuses on a pair of hands. Completed socks in one hand and scissors in the other. 

Camera pans up. 

Luanne and Sally both look up from the socks and stare at each other. Understanding and respect is in their eyes. 

(A scream is heard off camera.)

The socks are raised.

Luanne clutches them, then falls to the ground. She is dead. 




Suddenly noise and activity erupt.  Townsfolk stream out of the buildings. Shouts of "Luanne! No!" and "Sally won! Sally won!" can be heard.

The TKE crowd gather around their fallen hero. 

OCM knitters hug Sally.

Mutual respect and admiration fill the crowd.  Townsfolk jostle each other to get a look at the new BOTS II champion. Everyone wants to shake her hand. 

Camera follows one anonymous knitter who sneaks through the crowd to snatch one of Sally's needles.  She  runs off camera and can be heard saying, "This will fetch a good price on eBay."

Footfalls are heard off camera. 

The crowd pauses and looks towards the yarn shop office. 

The Battle Commander stands on the porch, surveying the scene. She nods her head slightly, and steps off the porch, making her way towards the crowd. 

She reaches Luanne first, and bends slightly to look at the deadly socks. 

Straightening up, she looks to Sally, whose smile has disappeared as she awaits the official call. 

Battle Commander: (face breaks into broad smile) "Congratulations, Sally! You are the BOTS II champion!!"

The crowd erupts into cheers. 

Luanne, and the other dead are suddenly revived. Amid laughter and cheers, the crowd pushes Sally towards the saloon for a celebration. 

Camera fades to black.

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