Confessions of a Yarn Shop Owner

I am so ashamed.

As a yarn shop owner, I sometimes feel like there are certain expectations of me. For example, my stash should be outstanding. That one is easy, since the idea of being without yarn that I would want to knit if the world were to shut down tomorrow sends me into a blinding panic. I have thoroughly prepared for such eventualities. There is yarn and fiber hidden away in neat little corners all over our house. 

But my needles? Shameful. Just shameful.

Not the collection itself, rather the organization.

I kinda think there is the expectation that I will have a very slick needle organization system. 

Alas, the truth is an embarrassment, which I am now prepared to admit. Here you go. Here is my current needle storage system:



That would be a Crabtree and Evelyn gift set bag from many Christmases ago. 

Not only does it not contain all my needles anymore, it is impossible to find anything. Since opening the shop, I've been in search of something that could tame this insanity. While I have loved and craved the beautiful silk cases from Lantern Moon, I knew they would not be sufficient to contain this situation. I needed a system. A complete needle organization system that can put up with my haphazard way of storing things. 

Introducing my newest love: the Namaste Needle Binders!


It has the same sturdy construction as the Namaste bags. The 3 ring binder comes with "pages" for all our needles and notions. My favorite are the mesh pockets for circular needles. Because they are so roomy and strong, you can put multiple circs in each pouch.  If I am good, this means I can actually put all my US 6, 8, 9s together!  

The purple one in front is mine and only at the shop now as a display item. After the holidays, it comes home and goes to work. The rest are up for grabs.

Another cool organization tool? Our new lace blocking wires and plastic case. (I actually think the case is the part I like best.)


The strong plastic tube with neat little endey bits is perfect for the wires!

In the knitting realm, I finished the Mini Mochi hat! Look at the crown. Isn't it lovely? (Don't look too close, because the decreases got a little wonky.) 


David whipped up some gorgeous Christmas stockings from one of the new Knitting Pure and Simple patterns. He used Cascade 220. Perfect for their beautiful apartment.


I leave you with a thought as we all plan out our holiday shopping. I have noticed a trend in our house lately. Regardless of what cool new gadget has arrived, the most popular toy at our house is always the largest box I can find. 


When exactly do we lose the love of a good cardboard box? I don't find them that appealing anymore, and that is sad. Although, if I packed it with some yarn and my new needle case, I could call it my vacation home and might never come out!

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