BOTS II Awards

The red carpet has been rolled out, Joan and Melissa Rivers are in position with the cameras and new botox injections, you have popcorn at the ready 

- must be time for the Battle of the Soxes II Awards!!

First up is the shop prize.  These camo sock blockers are a badge of honor to be proudly displayed by the winning LYS.  Three cheers for One City Market and the Missouri players for holding onto their BOTS title!!


Of course, we know that the glory must also go to our champion - Sally! Congratulations Sally! It was an honor to watch you play.  Your winner socks are done:


And we have a few things to help you along on your next project:


Golden sock yarn from Malabrigo.


Darn Pretty Needles from Grafton Fibers.


And the prettiest sock blocker I have ever seen! This sock blocker and the camo ones were designed and made by Bumblebeas. 

We can't forget Sally's noble competitor and Maine's champion - Luanne!

For Luanne, we have Socks a la Carte, to help her craft her next batch of deadly knits.


And to help her transport all her knitting needs,


The Blue Q shopper!

First Kill goes to Peggy who wins a Go Knit Pouch:


Best Embellishment Title remains with Esta for the second year in a row! Yay Esta!  This prize was easy. Esta  gets a skein of Glam Grrl sock yarn. The embellishment comes right in the skein!


Most Creative Kill goes to Jen D. for her Sock Monkey of Doom! She receives adorable sock shaped bobbins, a 1" gauge frame, and lovely pattern cards. 


For the Most Kills in One Household, the award goes to Amy of MO! A little bamboo yarn should help relax after such hard work.


Best Surprise BOTS Fun goes to MM for her awesome documentary.  (She'll have to share with filmmaker Ben.) MM will have some fun knitting from sheets of Flat Feet sock yarn.


Best Tracking Award goes to JenKC  for her BOTS II chart.  Now she can relax and focus on knitting her gorgeous handpainted sock yarn:


And finally, an award to Kat of OK for most kills from OK. The OK gang added a lot of fun this year and we were glad to have you join us.  Kat receives a Knit for the Cure kit!


Thank you to all for a great game, but most especially to Lisa of One City Market. Lisa donated the majority of the awesome prizes, and helped keep me sane throughout it all.  Thanks Lisa!!!!!                       

edited to correct my mistake on last year's winner.  I attribute the slip to being locked in the house with sick kids on and off for 2 weeks now.  Kat was selected for a prize but since I left my prize list at the shop last night, I had to guess at what the category was.  All is fixed now and sorry for the confusion.

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