3 players, 2 states, countless stitches...

The weekend was a gruesome one.  Three brave knitters fell in battle, leaving only 3 still in the running to be America's Next Top Model.

No, wait. That's not right.

To be BOTS II champion!!! (and perhaps America's Next Top Model.  You never know where the fame of a BOTS victory will take you.)

After weeks of nervous anticipation, Peggy finally discovered the identity of her grim reaper. Sally of MO had been stalking Peggy and taunting her with sweet presents.

Earlier in the week, Peggy submitted this report:

"Upon arrival at my home after a hard and bitter day at work, I was greeted by yet another gift bag filled with tissue and lovely flowers.  I thought surely I was breathing my last and the deadly BOTS was contained inside.  I slowly opened the card (which on the front showed a bunch of flowering chives - my favorite little purple buds), and here is what my sadistic tormentor said:  "Peggy, I hear your death is near, there is something to be said with being prepared for such a sad event.  These flowers are for your burial.  Enjoy them until then .......'     

 My poor dear cats were quite happy with the bouquet, not knowing they were a precursor to my demise. "

2009 02 25_0062_edited-12009 02 25_0060

2009 02 25_0057

Funeral arrangements are still being made, but the flowers are all set.  The eulogy will read:

"She fought the good fight and, suffering from battle fatigue after a grueling day and night of battle, she numbly opened a package from Marshfield, Missouri and exclaimed, 'Oh how lovely.' It was not until she had the colorful, well-fitting socks on her feet that her foggy mind cleared and she realized she was about to die.  She ran for the bathroom, with her finger down her throat, hoping to expel the deadly BOTS virus, knowing that her chances were nil.  Before she could even reach the porcelain throne, she fell over backward and died.  Sad to say, she had just mailed off her own third BOTS virus infection a mere six hours prior to hearing the death knell herself - she went down fighting."

 2009 02 28_0067_edited-1

2009 02 28_0068_edited-1

2009 02 28_0069_edited-1

And fight she did.  Due to a loss of socks-in-progress in the mail, Peggy had to start her third attack from scratch! Her inner assassin took over, and with a wild glint in her eye, she knit until the needles smoked.  Less than 48 hours later, purple and white socks were on their way to Oklahoma. 

At 11:27 Central Standard Time, Kat opened her own demise. 


Over in Missouri, all was not well.  A particularly virulent strain of BOTS was hitting Connie's household - courtesy of Kat.  Upon opening the package, Connie immediately fell over dead.  She didn't even get to try them on.  Her daughter, watching the beautiful socks fall to the floor, quickly snatched them up. Because, hey, free socks!

Little did she know.


Only 3 players remain in our little grim game - and one of those is gravely ill. 

Will this week bring us our winner??

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